Ice Damming

Ice Dams

Prevent ice dams with proper air sealing and attic insulation

House with icicles

Icicles are a clear warning sign of ice dam buildup.

Icicles on your roof are often seen as part of winter, but they can also be a sign that you home has a problem with ice dams. Ice dams are caused by the loss of warm air into your attic, which warms your roof, causing snow to melt and refreeze into ice dams. Ice dams can eventually lead to damage to your roof and gutters, as well as cause leaks into your home.

Attic Systems can prevent ice dam buildup on your home by providing air sealing and attic insulation services. By preventing the loss of warm air into the attic, we can reduce the likelihood that ice dams will form and cause related damage to your home. If you have a problem with ice dams, call us today to get estimate on our ice dam prevention services.

How ice dams form

  1. When you have snow buildup on the roof, it naturally melts and runs down and off the roof. However, heat loss from your home into the attic and roof helps make the snow melt faster.
  2. The warm, conditioned air escaping your home causes the bottom layer of snow to melt, leading to the water flowing down the roof towards your gutters.
  3. The eaves are the overhanging part of your roof that is not above your ceiling, so it stays much colder than the roof over your ceiling. When water from melting snow reaches the eaves, the water refreezes at the eaves and forms a buildup called an ice dam.
  4. Water from the melting snow will continue to pool behind the ice dam, forcing water back under the roof shingles, potentially causing roof damage, gutter damage, roof leaks, water leaking into your walls, and mold growth.

Air sealing and insulation are the solution to ice dams

There are two key steps to preventing ice dams from forming:

  • Air sealing: Your attic is full of gaps and cracks that allow warm air to escape from the living space into the attic, which warms the roof and helps make the snow melt faster. Attic Systems can identify those problem areas in your attic and seal them, preventing air flow.
  • Insulation: Upgrading your insulation will also help create a thermal barrier between your living space and your attic, preventing warm air from melting the snow on your roof. Our cellulose insulation raises your R-value to the recommended level and will serve to both prevent heat loss and make your home more efficient.

Attic Systems provides quality solutions for ice dams

If you have ice dams on your home, Attic Systems has the solutions you need. Our attic insulation and air sealing services are proven to eliminate ice dams and keep your roof and gutters protected from damage and leaks. Contact your local dealer to get a consultation and estimate on our ice dam prevention services!