Radiant Barriers

Radiant Barriers

Radiant barriers reflect heat to improve comfort and efficiency

radiant barriers

Radiant barriers keep your attic cooler in the summer, helping your air conditioning system run more efficiently.

Everyone knows how hot the summer sun can make the attic, but not every homeowner realizes how significant of an impact this process can have on their home's effiency and comfort. As the sun warms up your attic, the ductwork heats up as well, forcing your air conditioner to work harder to get the home to a comfortable temperature.

At Attic Systems, we solve this problem with radiant barrier installation. Radiant barriers are designed to reflect heat away from the attic to help keep the temperature of the attic and the house below cooler. We can evaluate your home and help you determine whether or not radiant barriers are the right upgrade for your needs. Contact your local dealer today for an estimate!

Why radiant barriers are a smart choice

Radiant barriers work by reflecting heat away from the home. As heat transfers through the roof, the radiant barrier slows movement into the attic, preventing the space from heating up. Radiant barrier installation has several benefits, including:

  • Reflects up to 97% of sun's heat
  • Reduces cooling costs by as much as 15%
  • Lowers attic temperatures by as much as 30° F

Once installed, the radiant barrier will help keep your ductwork cooler and will limit the impact a hot attic has on your living space. This allows your air conditioner to operate more efficiently and helps you save money on your cooling costs.

Get quality radiant barrier installation for your home

If you're interested in keeping your attic cooler to improve your home's energy performance, call the experts at Attic Systems today! We can provide you with radiant barriers and other attic insulation services to ensure that your home is as efficient and comfortable as possible. Contact your local dealer today to get started with an estimate!